Tohoku Free Blades

The Tohoku Free Blades (東北フリーブレイズ) were founded in 2008 and have played nine seasons in the Asia League. The team has won the league championship three times.

Of the four active teams to win the championship, only the Blades have done so without finishing first in regular season standings.

The team plays in several rinks during the season in order to spread the popularity of the game and has resulted in annual increases in attendance.

The Blades skated into their first season with 16 rookies on the 21 man roster and finished fifth in the seven team league. Although the team failed to make the playoffs, it wasn’t by much.

There were other positives from that first year as well.  Left winger Bruce Mulherin led the team with 51 points and finished third in league scoring. The Blades were also a league best 4 -1 in shootouts.

in 2010-11 the team finish third. Tanaka Go won the league scoring title with 59 points. Cole Jarret was third and led all defensmen with 51 points (Still a Free Blades record), and Suzuki Masahito came in sixth with 46 points (Also a team record for a RW).

The team’s success and first round playoff win quickly became unimportant on March 11, 2011 when a devastating earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan. The finals were cancelled and the Blades and Anyang Halla were declared co-champions.

The Blades have continued to be a formidable team under the coaching of Chris Wakabayashi.


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Tohoku Free Blades roster 2015-16

2Cole Jarrett コール・ジャレット321983-01-04D18291
5Imajo Kazumoto 今城 和智281987-11-03D174 73
6Yamada Yuya 山田 佑哉311984-07-24D17885
8Kikuchi Shuji 菊池 秀治291986-09-07D174 80
9Motono Michitaka 元野 道隆281987-06-21F170 74
11Ikeda Shohei 池田 昇平251990-07-21F17380
14Tanaka Go 田中 豪321983-10-06C17374
16Iwatsuki Shogo 岩槻 翔悟231992-01-10F17074
9Omiya Ryo 大宮 良231992-01-08F170 78
18Mizuuchi Naoto261989-08-30F17266
19Kim Staal キム ストール371978-03-10RW/LW18287
21Yamamoto Kazuki 山本 和輝281986-11-12Rw17780
22Tanaka Ryo 田中 遼281987-04-22C18088
24Satoh Hikaru 佐藤 光231991-12-03D17072
28Yamashita Takuro 山下 拓郎271988-05-22C/LW18382
44Itoh Yuto 伊藤 優人241991-8-08G17173
38Yamada Junya 山田 淳哉231991-11-07F172 78
40Kawai Takuma 河合 卓真271988-08-10LW18194
47Shinohara Kota 篠原 亨太311984-03-28LW17074
50Kimoto Shigehito 木本 栄人271988-06-09G17575
54 Kumagai Goshi 熊谷 豪士271988-08-19D18079
55Hata Michikazu 畑 享和251990-03-17G17372
8Shinohara Yuhei 篠原 優平251989-12-25D174 75
75 Logan Stephenson ローガン スティーブンソン291986-02-19D19193
84Kikuchi Kyohei 菊池 恭平311984-04-13D17583
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