Nikko Icebucks

“The Ice Bucks, now of the nine-team Asia League Ice Hockey, were established as a successor to the Furukawa Electric hockey club, of the old Japan League, when the corporate giant opted to fold its 90-year-old team in 1999.

As much as becoming the first pro hockey team in Japan was a groundbreaking event, it brought with it many problems.”
– Japan Times Dec. 2014

The Nikko Icebucks are an annual under-dog in the Asia League, yet always entertaining. They are the only “club team” in the Asia League, meaning they aren’t owned by a corporation. Instead they rely on sponsors and fan support.

The Icebucks home rink is the Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena which opened in 1992. The rink has a total capacity of 2,000 (1608 seats, 392 standing room).

The city of Nikko is located in the northern part of the National Capital Region (首都圏) also known as the Greater Toyko Region. It is a small city by Japanese standards,of almost 85,000. Despite it’s location, the weather is similar to Hokkaido in the northern Japan due Nikko being over 4,000 feet (1295m) above sea level.

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Nikko Icebucks 2016-17 roster 2016-2017シーズン 選手紹介

1Ryu Shoutaro 龍 翔太郎251991-09-03G18680
2Kevin Mitchell ケビン ミッチェル361980-06-05D18588
5Ishikawa Takahiro 石川貴大231993-04-26D17282
9Sato Hiroto 佐藤 大翔221993-11-15D17172
10Mark Derlago マーク・ディレイゴ301986-01-17LW18490
11Yoon Ji-Man ユン ジマン251991-01-11F17477
12Konno Mitsuyoshi 今野 充彬261990-01-30W163 69
13Iwamoto Kazuma 岩本 和真291988-12-20C17775
16Saito Tetsuya 齋藤 哲也321983-12-14C176 77
18Furuhashi Makuru 古橋真来221993-09-30F17282
22Omuku Maito 大椋舞人231993-05-28F17476
38Suzuki Yuta 鈴木 雄大271989-10-16RW17783
28 Ohtsu Yusei 大津 夕聖201995-12-22D17990
30Gorai Takuto 牛来 拓都251991-03-20C174 78
34Takahashi Junichi 高橋 淳391978-01-23D18383
38Ono Kohei 小野 航平271988-07-27G18071
44Fukufuji Yutaka 福藤豊331982-09-17G18583
51David Bonk デイビッド ボンク351982-05-05C181 90
54Ito Goshi 伊藤 剛史231992-07-09D17075
74Kawai Ryuichi 河合 龍321983-09-26D18090
81Kohsaka Yasuhiro331982-09-06F17376
86Yu Hikosaka 彦坂 優211995-03-26F17776
88Terao Yuri211995-04-29RW17385
91Saito Takeshi 齋藤 毅351981-03-08RW17680
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