High1 Ice Hockey Club originally entered the Asia League as the Kangwon Land in 2005-06.  The team was named after its parent company that specializes in resorts, casinos and golf courses.

The team had intended to start in 2004-2005 but withdrew its application because they weren’t ready. “After that, they managed to hire import players to meet the League requirements, then applied anew for entry to the Asia League 2005-2006.”

The inaugural team consisted of players who had played for Dongwon or Hyundai, disbanded teams from the defunct Korean League. Other players came from the military after completing their conscription service. The team was also permitted to use up to five import players and used four.

To prepare for its first campaign, the team held training camp in Canada from July 29 to September 20, 2005 and played about 10 practice games with local teams.

Kangwon Land had a dismal first season, finishing seventh in the nine team league. The next season saw a complete turn of fortune for the team as they stormed through the second season and finished fourth and earned a trip to the playoffs.

After two seasons as Kangwon Land, the team was renamed High1 after another brand owned by the parent company.

Since becoming High1, the team has qualified for the playoffs five of it’s eleven seasons going deep as the semi-finals on three occasions.


In 2014-15 High1 set a record of 22 wins in 48 games and appeared to be headed in a positive direction but has followed up with progressively worse seasons including last place in 2017-18

The club has always played a fast, physical game. The offence has, for the most part, relied on import players from North America.

The team has continued to gain new fans every year as they play more home games diverted from Chuncheon to the Goyang Spart (Sport + Art) Complex Arena.

High1 never disappoints. Win or lose, they are a fun and entertaining team that plays a full sixty minutes and then some.

Asia League Ice Hockey
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High1 roster 2016-17

55Kim Hyeok 김혁301987-04-27D18590
10Kim Hyung-Joon 김형준301987-04-27RW17370
35Shin Hyung-Yun 신형윤271990-08-29LW18280
41Park Kye-Hoon 박계훈241992-02-09G18682
40Mikko Kukkonen 미코 코코넨281988-01-19D18385
72Bae Byung-Jun 배병준221995-03-22D18074
17Ban Han-Soo 반한수221993-11-25F18075
5Bryan Young 브라이언 영291986-08-06D18686
52Chang Jun-Il 장준일321985-06-14D18285
63Tyler Brickler 타일러 브리클러251991-01-27F18384
11Lee Yu-Won 이유원311984-09-26LW17577
14Suh Shin-Il 서신일311985-04-21RW17779
16Kwon Tae-An 권태안321985-02-18LW175 83
19Choi Jung-Sik 최정식341983-08-12F18176
20Hong Hyun-Mok 홍현목301986-04-27D18077
22Park Jong-Soo 박종수251991-02-22F17880
14Michael Swift 마이클 스위프트301987-03-26C/LW17579
29Kim Ji-Min 김지민241992-01-29F18385
32Cho Hyeon-Kuk 조현국241992-04-01F17168
30Bae Jung-Woo 배장우241992-03-25G17676
50Park Sung-Je 박성제291988-08-03G17577
71Ha Jae-Jun 하재준231993-10-05F17675
74Ahn Hyun-Min 안현민301986-09-27RW17674
51Han Geon-Hee 한건희251992-07-14D18380
96Yu Shin-Chul 유신철231994-01-20F18078
96Kim Dong-Hwan 김동환331984-02-14D17684
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