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Sangmu was created, in part, to keep Korean players hockey skills sharp as they do their mandatory military service so they can transition back to their professional teams and also for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games which will be held in Korea.Daemyung Sangmu joined the Asia League for the 2013-14. The team is the third Korean based entry into the league and prior to 2015-16 they mainly played out of the Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul, South Korea. For the 2015-16 campaign the team will play all 24 home games at Seon-hak International Ice Rink in Seon-hak dong, Incheon.

The team gets the vast majority of its players from the other two Korean pro teams: Halla and High1 and a few college grads as well. Prior to the creation of the team, players served strictly as regular members of the Korean armed forces from 21 to 24 months depending on the branch they were in and were “out of hockey” for that time period.

Daemyung Sangmu has allowed players who might have played lesser roles for Halla and High1 to showcase their skills. Furthermore, college players and some from the KIHL (Korea Independent Hockey League) who have made the team, have given the other pro teams a chance to evaluate their talent in a professional setting.

In 2013-14 Sangmu finished in second place with 22 wins and 78 points in a forty-two game schedule. The first game was played against Anyang Halla on September 7th to a standing room crowd at the Anyang Sports Complex Arena. Sangmu came out flat-footed and allowed a goal just 18 seconds in the game. By the end of the first they were down 3-0. At the final whistle the score was 6-1 for Halla. However, Sangmu rebounded the following day with a 5-4 victory over Halla.

Sangmu played their first “home” game at Anyang versus the Oji Eagles. Sangmu were up 2-0 despite being badlty outshot throughout the game. However the Eagles came back to win in a shootout 3-2.

During the first year, many players had breakout seasons. Park Woo-Sang, dubbed “Super Rookie” by the Halla announcers in 08-09 lead the team with 30 goals and 57 points, good for third and sixth spots in league scoring. His fellow Halla teammate, Cho Min-Ho finished behind him with 56 points.

The first season was the perfect chance for goaltender Park Sung-Je to showcase his abilities after playing only 21 games over the previous three seasons with Anyang, and he didn’t disappoint. He played 37 games and finish third with a 2.72 GAA and .920 save percentage.

The 2014-15 season didn’t go so well. A preseason car accident injured three players causing them to miss considerable time with the team. Sangmu rarely iced a complete team during the year. Often going many games with five defensemen or short up front.

In spite of the adversity, this unit held its own most games, including the highest scoring game of the season, a 9-8 OT victory against the Icebucks.

They also put a 12 man team against a fully stacked Free Blades crew at Mokdong and came back to win 6-5 in a shootout. The game was also the highest penalized of the season with 224 PIM including eight game misconducts.

Sangmu is “like a box of chocolates” without the chart to indicate what each chocolate is. By that bad Forrest Gump reference, I mean the composition of the team changes drastically from season to season so it’s difficult to predicte how it will perform. Rest assured this team is a band of brothers that never gives up.

Asia League Ice Hockey
2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16

Sangmu roster

19Kim Sang-Wook 김상욱271988-04-21C/LW18085
2Oh Kwang-Sik 오광식281987-04-20D17484
3Min Kwon-Ki 민권기241991-01-03D18584
84Lee Hyun-Sung 이현승241991-07-05F172 78
55Kim Hyeok 김혁281987-04-07D18590
7Park Sang-Jin 박상진261989-07-31C17575
10Kim Hyung-Joon 김형준281987-04-27RW17370
17Lee Min-Woo 이민우251990-07-30F18082
12Kil Sang-Woo 길상우231992-07-29F18077
13Lee Young-Jun 이영준241991-01-03C18475
67Mun Kuk-Hwan 문국환271988-09-30C16572
21Lee Dong-Min 이동민261989-06-27F17268
24Lee Chan-Hwi251990-12-01F18075
29Han Jae-Ik 한재익241991-06-08G17673
26Daniel Kang 강다니엘261988-11-21F17072
4Kim Bum-Jin 김범진281987-01-11D17884
33Lee Bong-Jin 이봉진241991-03-22F17072
35Shin Hyung-Yun 신형윤251990-08-29F18280
46Hwang Hyun-Ho 황현호251990-09-03G17471
51Kim Woo-Young 김우영271988-06-17D18383
79Oh Jin-Woo 오진우241991-04-10F18395
53Ko Hyun-Bin 고현빈261989-04-22D/F18085
2Kwak Hyung-Gi 곽형기261989-06-13D18386
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