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Daemyung Killer Whales change logo

The Daemyung Killer Whales changed their logo

Daemyung Killer Whales new logo


According to the team news release, the team changed the “brand identity (BI) to make a new leap for the 2017-2018 season.”

“The new emblem adds a three-dimensional effect and color. The big frame is a puck flying toward the goal, and it was designed in the form of wind with the motif of Daemyung Group CI (Corporate Identity). At the center of the emblem, the tail, which stands for orcas, jumped into the puck, expressing a dynamic and challenging team color. The initial logo was engraved in English according to the direction of the emblem.” (Google translation)

Which logo looks the best?

Daemyung Killer WhalesDaemyung Killer Whales logo 


Asia League recent signings

Anyang Halla signs two








Anyang Halla recently signed university graduates Kim Young-Jun (#76) and Lee Kang-Soo (#81).

Kim is a 22 year-old defenceman from Korea University. The 178 cm rookie has represented Korea twice in international competitions, WJC-18 D2A and WJC-20 D2B. winning gold both times and registering 10 points in 10 games.


Forward Lee Kang-Soo played for  Fox Cities High School in Appleton, Wisconsin for two seasons before playing at Yonsei University and playing for the gold medal winning Korea National team at the WJC-20 D2B in 2013/14.



Tohoku Free Blades acquire Li Hang

Li Hng (Free Blades FB)
Li Hang (Free Blades FB)

Li Hang has come over from the China Dragon as part of an ongoing development agreement between the Free Blades and Dragon. The agreement sends Japanese players to China and vice versa to assist  the Chinese with training and development.



Possible Asia League milestones 11/28-12/4


350 Points 348 David Bonk Icebucks
150 Points 148 Kim Hyung-Joon High1
147 Brett Parnham Killer Whales
146 Eric Regan Halla
145 Takuo Yamashita Free Blades
100 Points 98 Hiromichi Terao Eagles
96 Ryo Hashiba Eagles
250 Assists 248 Cho Min-Ho Halla
200 Assists 196 Kim Sang-Wook Halla
150 Assists 149 Junichi Takahashi Icebucks
148 Bryan Young High1
100 Assists 99 Yoshikazu  Kashino Dragon
95 Takuo Yamashita Free Blades
95 Ruslan Bernikov Sakhalin
200 Goals 198 Mike Swift High1
100 Goals 99 Mike Testwuide Halla
97 Park Woo-Sang Halla
450 Games 448 Daisuke Obara Eagles
250 Games 249 Kim Bum-Jin Killer Whales
248 Shin Sang-Woo Halla
200 Games 199 Hiromichi Terao Eagles
100 Games 97 Park Jong-Soo High1







Asia League hockey games 10/16 and Highlights and full games from 10/15

Game Day

14:00 Oji Eagles vs Daemyung Killer Whales

15:00 High1 vs Nikko Icebucks

17:00 KST Anyang Halla vs Tohoku Free Blades



Oji Eagles 4 High1 2 Highlights




Anyang Halla 2 Tohoku Free Blades 1





Asia League team news 9/29

Asia League team news 9/29


halla logo


끈질긴 안양 한라, 오지 이글스에 3-2 신승 마르티넥 감독 완벽 용병술로 연승 다시 구가




The Dragon open a six game road trip to Korea 10/1-10/10. They head to Incheon to face the Daemyung Killer Whales (10/1,2,4) in a battle of the Asia League basement. The Following weekend the play High1.


Daemyung Killer Whales

The Daemyung Killer Whales are coming off a hard fought series with the Nikko Icebucks that saw them pickup their first regulation win. The post game celebration has to be seen to be seen to believed. Captain Kim Bum-Jin appears to have another career in the works after hockey.



High1 High1 has two games remaining in Japan before returning home for a week off. 10/1 they play the Cranes and 10/2 against the Eagles.



Nikko Icebucks10月1日 アピタ宇都宮店イベントに選手が参加


The Icebucks are off until 10/8 but will be holding public events.


Nippon Paper Cranes


Cranes vs High1 highlights 9/27



Eagles Vs Halla highlights 9/28




Players and CPM workers “Sakhalin” in the Union

Игроки и работники ПСК “Сахалин” объединись в союз


Tohoku Free Blades