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.com trades hockeyinasia to .hockey!

insiders say HIA (hockeyinasia) was unhappy with its time at .com


Reporter: How do you feel about the trade? Was it unexpected?

HIA: It’s been in the works for a while, my agent wanted to make sure I could go somewhere with a great support system (Word Press community) and management (WordPress) that was willing to be more flexible and let me develop my skill and talent. It’s a relief that’s it finally over.

Reporter: Could you elaborate on the issues you had at .com?

HIA: My biggest frustration was when I’d be cruising along having a great night, then I’d get benched for no reason.( Old website builder would just crash)

Reporter: Did the coach ever say why?

HIA: Not really, I’d always get a lame message saying my passes weren’t connecting (SSL certificate can’t be found), which was BS, because I signed a contract that stated I had full support from management to play my game.

Reporter: What have you heard about .hockey?

HIA: It’s a really young group, even more so than .com, but I expect good things from it.  A first rate organization from top to bottom.

Reporter: Good luck, we will be watching to see where you go from here.

HIA: There will be growing pains no doubt, but i’m feeling good about this situation, The new systems are a challenge but once I get a handle on them, I expect to elevate my game.

Reporter: Anything you’d like to add?

HIA: Nope.

Reporter: There you have it, lots of cliches, and a look to a better a future.

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