The More Things Change…

Korea National Team selections leave many scratching their heads Again

Some may argue that this tournament is just a tryout to give players international experience. However, many of the professional Korean players currently playing in the Asia League get passed over.

Sound familiar? It’s almost word for word from a post on October 20, 2016.

Korea National Team roster released for EIHC 10/31-11/6 in Hungary

So here we are again. The parachute drop of a Jr A player onto the Korean National team, without even attending the tryout camp for the EIHC, is not only an insult to the Korean men who actually attended the camp, but throws into question the selection process. Furthermore, the addition of college students, yet again, makes one wonder if the best players are given the chance to play.

There are already about 70 professional Korean men and 7 North Americans with/or in the process of acquiring Korean Citizenship playing in the Asia League. Another 20 Korean players are doing their military duty and playing for the Korean military team.

Apparently, these 97 men could all easily be replaced by a Jr. A or a college team should the need arise.

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