PSC Sakhalin sweeps China Dragon and moves into first place in the Asia League

In the only Asia League action of the past week, PSC Sakhalin took all three games against the Dragon in Qiqihar.

Game 1 saw Roman Alekseev and Daniil Metliuk each bag 2 goals and add 2 assists. Andrei Golyshev and Ruslan Bernikov also scored 2 a piece in the 11-3 routing. The Dragon needed to use both goalkeepers to get through the game.

Game 2 was a little more defensive but Sakhalin prevailed as Ruslan Bernikov, Alexey Tkachuk and Alexei Eremin had 3 points each. Denis Korovaev earned his 10th win of the year while Michio Hashimoto took his 24th loss.

Game 3 A run and gun game with eight special teams goals. Scott Barney figured in on every Dragon goal and led all players with a goal and four assists. Kevin Quick added a goal and three assists or China as well.

Sergejs Pecura scored a hat trick and added an assist and Kirill Voronin notched four helpers to led Sakhalin players.

Han Pengfie took the loss and Andrei Stelmakh the win.


12/15 PSK Sakhalin hockey 11-3 china_dragon
12/16 PSK Sakhalin hockey 7-1 china_dragon
12/18 PSK Sakhalin hockey 8-5 china_dragon

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