Whales and Blades look for a win

Daemyung Killer Whales host Tohoku Free Blades

The Daemyung Killer Whales return home to Seonhak rink after a six game road trip that saw them pick up their first win, albeit a overtime win, against High1. Still it’s a positive step for the young team.

For the Whales to find more success, they need to generate more scoring and need more guys to find the back of the net. As of now Daeymung has 13 goals in 9 games. 9 of those goals have come from Parnham 4 and Estoclet 5.

Until they can bury the biscuit more frequently, the defense needs to give the goalies some relief as Killer Whale goalies are facing 43.8 shots a night compared to the team shooting 22.8 shots a night.

The Tohoku Free Blades have only played a pair of games so far which they split with the Cranes a 5-1 win and 3-1 loss.

The Blades are an experienced team that find scoring from the forwards as well as the blue line. If the Whales want to play a feisty, chippy game they’ll be in for a lesson as the Blades are masters of the grinding game in the Asia League.

Game time: 19:00 KST/JST

Watch live : http://onthesports.co.kr/


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