Anyang Halla wins game 3, 4-0, and sweeps the series vs Daemyung Killer Whales

Game Recap

8/30 Anyang Halla vs Daemyung Killer Whales

The third game between Halla and the Killer Whales was much closer than the previous two games.


The first period was scoreless until the last minute when Shin Sang-Hoon took a feed across from Cho Min-Ho for the one timer.

Tyler Weiman made 14 saves and Matt Dalton and 13.

Halla dominated the second by firing 18 shots on Weiman and controlling the play.
The Whale managed only three shots on net and one power play.
Again in the last minute Halla scored on the power play. This time Kim Sang-Wook from Eric Regan.

The third period saw Alex Plante finish off a 2 on 1 with Shin Sang-Hoon and to cap the scoring Sung Woo-Jae scored at 58:46.

Game over? Nope.

The series was a testy physical affair and it came out in full force after the scoring was done.

With less than a minute in the game, the first incident occurred  just after the whistle on an offside call.
Ahn Jung-Hyun took exception to a late hit from Lee Seung-Won.

Ahn threw a punch and Lee got his stick up in Ahn’s face and threw a punch. Then the gloves came off and before they could throw down, Yoon Sang-Won came in and cross checked Ahn in the back driving him into Lee and the Daemyung Whales dog piled Ahn.

In the scrum Lee and Ahn exchanged a few punches. All over? Nope.

After getting out from under, Ahn and Lee were separated by the linesmen,  Ahn kept chirping and Yoon came after him and the two exchanged blows including a few on the button from Yoon.  Ahn ended it by yanking Yoon’s jersey over his head and giving him the  “Right there, Fred!” treatment.

As the officials sifted through the rule book to figure out what to call, the benches and coaches could clearly be heard chirping at each other and gearing up for round 2.

When play resumed Daemyung tough guy Park Tae-Hwan went after Kim Hyun-Soo right from the faceoff.  Kim didn’t even take his gloves off as he was savaged by Park including  punches to the back of the head as the refs separated them.

After another rule book referral, the team’s managed to play out the clock, but not before  another cheap shot from Daemyung to the head sent Sung-Woo-Je into the boards resulting in a misconduct penalty as the clock ran out.

An exciting series that people and players are waiting to see the second half of. Mark it on your calendars. 3/2, 3/4 and 3/5 in Anyang

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