Kunlun Red Star join KHL; could be a problem for the China Dragon

What affect could  the addition of the Kunlun Red Star, the new Beijing based KHL team, have on the China Dragon of the Asia League? The KHL rules state five players from a teams' country must be on the roster and currently the Dragon are China's top professional hockey team. Before panicking let's look

FACEBOOK has knocked off Hockey in Asia

Hi everybody. Today FB book kicked "Hockey Inasia" off for some reason. The ID you've chatted with over the year or so. You can contact at twitter @hockeyinasia or gmail hockeyinasia@gmail.com until we try to get this fixed  

Nikko Icebucks sign 19 for 2016-17

# Pos. Name 1 G Ryu Shoutaro 龍 翔太郎 38 G Ono Kohei 小野 航平 44 G Fukufuji Yutaka 福藤豊 5 D Ishikawa Takahiro 9 D Sato Hiroto 佐藤 大翔 28 D Ohtsu Yusei 大津 夕聖 34 D Takahashi Junichi 高橋 淳 54 D  Ito Goshi 伊藤 剛史 74 D Kawai Ryuichi 河合 龍 10 LW Mark Derlago マーク・ディレイゴ 12 W Konno Mitsuyoshi 今野 充彬 13 C Iwamoto Kazuma 岩本 和真 16 C Saito Tetsuya 齋藤 哲也 18 F Furuhashi Makuru 22 F   Omuku Maito 23 RW Suzuki Yuta 鈴木 雄大 30 C Gorai Takuto 牛来 拓都 51 C  David Bonk デイビッド ボンク 91 RW Saito Takeshi 齋藤 毅