Sakhalin hires new coach and assistant coach

From Sakhalin team website.     The team has hired Sergei Tertyshny Сергей Тертышный as its new head coach and Yevgeni Ikonnikov Евгений Иконников as assistant coach. Teryshny, 45, was an assistant coach with Traktor Chelyabinsk of the KHL/Russia league from 2007-2014. He's a former Washington Capitals draft pick from 1994 and played for the Portland Pirates of

Daemyung Killer Whales

대명 킬러웨일즈 Daemyung Killer WhaleS             Pos  Name DOB Ht (cm) Wt kg) Previous team G 엄현승 Eum Hyun-Seung 1984-05-28 175 73 Anyang Halla (Asia) G 이창민 Lee Chang-Min 1992-07-14 185 88 Dongyang Eagles (KIHL) D 조재형 Cho Jae-Hyeong 1990-10-22 180 83 Dongyang Eagles (KIHL) D 김범진 Kim Bum-Jin 1987-01-11 178 84 Sangmu (Asia) D 오현호 Oh Hyeon-Ho 1986-10-29 175 77 High1 (Asia) D 이승원 Lee Seung-Won 1993-03-12 182 85 Korea Univ. D  이재규 Lee Jae-Gyu 1993-10-13 181 80 Korea Univ. D 이호성 Lee Ho-Sung 1993-08-18 179 75 Yonsei Univ. D  오광식 Oh Kwang-Sik 1987-04-20 174 83 Sangmu (Asia) F 이동민 Lee Don-Min 1989-06-27 172 65 Sangmu (Asia) F 김동연 Kim Dong-Yeon 1988-01-12 170 70 Waves (KIHL) F 김준희 Kim June-Hee 1993-12-03 171 75 Korea Univ. F 박기선 Park Ki-Seon 1993-04-13 178 78 Korea Univ. F 박중현 Park

Japan’s final chance to make the 2018 Winter Olympics

The Japanese national men's hockey team will have its last chance to qualify for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea when they play in Latvia 9/1 - 9/4 in the final Olympic qualification round. Japan will face Latvia, Germany and Austria in Riga, Latvia in a must win situation. The national team had

Korea to be busy at 3 EIHC tourneys in 2016-17, including as host of one

The South Korean men's national hockey is scheduled to play in three European Ice Hockey Challenges in 2016-17. The first one will be in Hungary 10/31-11/6, the second in Poland 12/12-12/18 and Korea will host 2/6-2/12,2017. Hungary 10/31 - 11/6 Group 1 Group 2 Denmark Austria Hungary Italy Poland Korea     Poland 12/12 - 12/18 Korea Kazakhstan Ukraine Poland   Korea 2/6 - 2/12 Hungary Denmark Japan Korea   Complete Euro ICE Hockey