Sangmu marches to victory against the Dragon

Mun Kuk-Hwan's 7th goal of the year just 49 seconds into the game was all Hwang Hyun-Ho needed as he stopped 38 shots to give Daemyung Sangmu a 4-0 win and earn his third career shutout. Park-Sang Jin (10th) and Kim Hyun-Joon (3rd) scored in a span of 1:14 in the


    Rivalry in the R.o.K.    Today: The Hateful 68th game   On 9/24/2005, at 16:00, a standing room crowd of 2,015 spectators jammed into the Anyang Sports Complex Arena to witness the first of 67 games between Anyang Halla and Kangwon Land/High1. The rink was full of energy as we waited for